Press Releases

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Date Title
3/25/15 Hatch: Senate Republican Budget Puts Fiscal House in Order without Raising Taxes
3/23/15 Hatch on Obamacare’s Fifth Anniversary: It’s Time for a Change
3/20/15 Five Years Later: Administration Unilaterally Altering Obamacare’s Flaws
3/19/15 Hatch Statement at Finance Hearing on Obamacare at Five Years
3/19/15 Obamacare at 5 Years: Five Most Egregious Misues of Taxpayer Funds
3/18/15 Five Years Later: Obamacare Subsidies Cause Confusion and Frustration for American Taxpayers
3/17/15 JOINT RELEASE – Hatch, Flake Promote 21st Century Workforce through I-Squared
3/17/15 Five Years Later: Failed Oversight & Security Safeguards Put Americans’ Personal Information at Risk
3/16/15 Five Years Later: Obamacare Hits Americans with Higher Premiums for Healthcare Coverage
3/16/15 JOINT RELEASE – Hatch, Warner Introduce Bipartisan Geospatial Data Act
3/16/15 Hatch Speaks Again on Human Trafficking Bill, Democrat Obstruction
3/11/15 Senator Hatch speaks on President Obama's Plan to Fight ISIS
3/4/15 Senator Hatch, Alexander, Corker, Whitehouse Introduce Bipartisan, Bicameral Legislation to Allow Songwriters to Receive Fair Pay Files
3/4/15 Hatch and Ryan Demand IRS Turn Over White House Emails
3/4/15 An Alternative to Obamacare: What They’re Saying about Senator Hatch’s Patient CARE Act
3/4/15 Hatch Reacts to King v. Burwell Oral Arguments
3/2/15 RELEASE: Hatch Speaks on Netanyahu Visit, Iran Threat
3/2/15 Analysis Shows Patient CARE Act Better for Patients and Taxpayers Than Obamacare
2/26/15 Hatch Reacts to Michelle Lee Confirmation
2/26/15 Senator Hatch Reacts to FCC Vote Advancing Sweeping Net Neutrality Rules