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Mar 12 2010

Hatch Responds to Utah Governor's Letter on Healthcare Reform

Senator Pledges to Continue to Fight Obama Administration’s Health Plan

WASHINGTON – Responding to a letter from Utah Gov. Gary Herbert, Sen. Orrin Hatch pledged today to continue being a leader in the fight to stop the Obama administration from jamming through a Washington takeover of the nation’s healthcare system against the wishes of the American people.

In a March 11, 2010, letter, Herbert asked Hatch (R-Utah) “to resist the Administration’s current push to pass the White House healthcare plan,” which he said is not in Utah’s best interest because it does not give the state the flexibility to “create solutions and address problems in a manner that is best suited to our unique needs.”

Hatch said he appreciated the governor’s letter of support and encouragement.

“Governor Herbert and I are of like mind on the need for bipartisan healthcare reform,” Hatch said. “Simply put, we need to scrap this $2.5 trillion boondoggle the Administration and liberal Democrats are trying to jam through Congress against the will of the American people and start over.

“I have said for more than a year now that health care reform should put our families and states in charge, not Washington bureaucrats. Utah is among the nation’s leaders in real healthcare reform that boosts access to quality health care and cuts cost,” Hatch continued. “Like the governor, I have more confidence in Utah’s ability to find healthcare solutions to meet its unique needs and demographics than I do in the one-size-fits-all White House plan that is being foisted on the American people. I remain committed to working toward bipartisan healthcare reform that empowers the states as individual laboratories to tailor custom solutions to their healthcare challenges.”

A copy of Gov. Herbert’s letter to the Senator follows: