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CAMP WILLIAMS, Utah – Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) joined senior intelligence and military officials today at Camp Williams to break ground for the new Data Center. The Center will provide critical support to our national cyber security priorities.

Hatch joined many dignitaries in extolling the benefits to Utah with the location of this center. It is estimated that construction and development of the center will create 5,000 to 10,000 new jobs. And once completed, the Data Center will support between 100 and 200 permanent employees, many with expertise in information technology, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering.

“The Data Center is not only good for Utah; it is also great for our nation," Hatch stated. "The cyber threat to our country is real, and I am proud that our nation’s Intelligence Community will benefit from Utah’s commitment to national defense and the unique skills of many of our citizens.

“Just as we defend our lands – America also needs to also defend our cyberspace. The Data Center will be part of our expanding efforts to defend our Department of Defense computer systems from cyber attack, and will also play a key role in helping Homeland Security keep our government's civilian computer systems safe," Hatch added.

As the longest-serving member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Hatch began working on bringing the Data Center to Utah in 2007. He held several conversations with seniors members of the Intelligence Community, and in 2008, Camp Williams was selected over 37 other sites as the location for the new Data Center. Hatch has continued to work with congressional committees to ensure the Data Center was fully authorized, and helped scale regulatory obstacles as well.

In September 2010, the Army Corps of Engineers awarded a construction contract to a consortium which includes the Big-D Construction Corporation in Salt Lake City.