Press Releases

Press releases are archived according to their release date. For press releases by topic, please see the Issue Positions page.
Date Title
2/10/15 Hatch Statement at Finance Hearing on Lessons from the Tax Reform Act of 1986
2/6/15 GAO Report: CMS On Track to Transition to Next Health Code Phase
2/5/15 More C.A.R.E., less Obama
2/5/15 TIGTA: IRS Rehired Employees with Substantial Conduct Issues
2/5/15 Hatch Statement at Finance Hearing on President Obama’s 2016 Budget
2/5/15 Burr, Hatch, Upton Unveil Obamacare Replacement Plan
2/5/15 U.S. Senate Unanimously Passes Hatch-Blunt Internet Governance Awareness Resolution Files
2/5/15 In Letter to FCC and DOJ Heads, Hatch Outlines Views on Comcast Merger Files
2/4/15 Senator Hatch Introduces Balanced Budget Amendment for 114th Congress Files
2/4/15 Joint Release: Hatch and Lee Sponsor Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument Grazing Protection Act
2/3/15 Hatch Statement at Finance Hearing on IRS Operations and The President’s Budget for FY 2016
2/3/15 Hatch Votes for the Reduction and Prevention of Veteran Suicides
2/3/15 Hatch Supports H.R. 240, To fund the Department of Homeland Security While Opposing the President's Executive Action
2/3/15 Hatch Introduces Bill to Fight Illegal Marijuana Growth
2/2/15 Hatch on President’s Fiscal Year 2016 Budget
1/30/15 Hatch Calls for TPA Passage, Seeks Strong Outcomes on Trade Deals in Speech at American Enterprise Institute
1/29/15 Hatch, Alexander Announce Legislation to Repeal Employer Mandate
1/29/15 Hatch, Finance Republicans Call Out Wasteful Spending at IRS
1/29/15 Hatch Introduces Amy and Vicky Act to Help Victims of Child Pornography
1/29/15 Hatch Moves to Support Lynch