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WASHINGTON, D.C.—On KSL Radio this morning, Senator Hatch spoke in depth about his 90 minute meeting on Wednesday with President Trump, which included a lengthy discussion about the Bears Ears National Monument that President Obama designated in his final weeks in office.

On his meeting with the President, Hatch said:

I spoke to the President about a number of Utah-specific issues, and one of the issues I raised very strongly was Bears Ears.
As you know, Ryan Zinke called on me, and committed to me not only that he would work with us on Bears Ears, but that his first trip after confirmation would be to Utah to get right to work with us on addressing this travesty. As Secretary of the Interior, Zinke will play a key role in this fight but in the end, changes to a national monument have to come from the President himself. That’s why I raised it with the President directly. 
With everything the President has going on, Utahns should take comfort in knowing that in his first full week in office the President spent significant time learning about an issue so specific to Utahns, and not only is he willing to listen, he’s eager to work with me to address this.