Crime has a damaging and pervasive influence on our children, our families, our communities and our nation. Throughout my service in the Senate, I have fought for a strong criminal justice system that protects the innocent, and punishes the guilty.

Job number one is ensuring that our nation’s law enforcement professionals have the tools they need to keep our neighborhoods safe. Our federal, state and local prosecutors need to have all the necessary resources at their disposal to prosecute criminals successfully. 

Smarter and tougher federal strategies and penalties to address the distribution of illegal drugs by gangs and organized crime syndicates has long been a priority of mine.  One of the most serious challenges we face in the fight against crime is combating the nationwide scourge of drugs and the violence associated with gangs trying to control and profit off of this illicit trade. It is clear that illegal immigration is a significant contributor to drug trafficking and gang violence, and we need to enforce the law and police the border in order to protect families and communities from this lawlessness.

I have also taken the lead on trying to protect women and children from violent crime. My efforts have resulted in increased resources for monitoring sexual offenders and sexual predators that target defenseless women and children through legislation like the Adam Walsh Act, Violence Against Women Act and the Debbie Smith Act.  Through legislation like the Victims of Crime Act, I have worked to ensure that victims of violent and traumatic crime have all they need to be able to put their lives back together.