The record is clear that the less Washington meddles in people’s lives through taxes, and regulation the better it is for our economy, our job creators and our workers.  Every time the government takes more of the American people’s money or imposes burdensome mandates and regulations, our economy becomes less dynamic and less able to generate the jobs of the future. 

Unfortunately, too many think Washington has all the answers, that bureaucrats can fix our problem, and that government spending is a cure. They believe that giving Washington more of the American people’s hard-earned money is the solution. It isn’t. 

Lower taxes is the means of allowing our entrepreneurs, small businesses and families to keep more of their hard-earned money to invest in new ideas and hire more Americans.  Lower taxes is what fueled one of the greatest economic recoveries in our nation’s history under President Reagan’s leadership. Lower taxes puts the American people – not Washington – in charge of their own destinies. It’s just common-sense.  

Unfortunately, America’s overly complicated and burdensome tax system is a major roadblock to innovation.   I am committed to a complete overhaul of our tax system, one that would simplify the code, encourage savings and investment, and provide more money for working families.