I recognize that many Utah communities rely on federal support for important projects and services to Utahns.  I support worthy efforts to seek competitive federal grants.  To that end I have created a Grants Resource Center and hired a dedicated federal grant expert to assist Utahns in applying to these competitive funding sources. This resource will be continually updated with information about federal grant funding opportunities. I will send out periodic e-mails regarding new grant announcements and funding opportunities.

My grants manager may assist by:

  • identifying likely funding sources;
  • clarifying application requirements;
  • connecting with federal granting agencies;
  • providing letters of interest from me to submit with your grant competitions;
  • gaining status or disposition updates on submitted applications; and
  • suggesting other public and private resources for assistance.

The purpose of federal grant programs is to award financial assistance to carry out the public purpose supported and authorized by Congress.  I believe that grant funds should be allocated scrupulously and should have a measureable benefit to tax payers. 

As your Senator, I work to make our federal grant programs focus on wise spending.  I believe that the federal government is not the solution to all our problems.  Federal grants demonstrate this principle by allowing public and private organizations to advance important initiatives with limited federal support.  I remain vigilant in my efforts to curtail out of control spending in mandates and subsidies by supporting grants that go through an open, vetted process with funding decisions based in merit. 

Please contact my grants point of contact, Jessa Reed:

8402 Federal Building
125 South State steet
Salt Lake City, UT 84138
Telephone: (801) 524-4380
Fax: (801) 524-4379
E-mail: Jessa_Reed@hatch.senate.gov