Press Releases

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Date Title
8/14/18 President Trump Signs Hatch’s Suicide Hotline Bill into Law
8/14/18 Hatch Proposal to Enhance Utah State Space Dynamics Lab Signed into Law in Defense Bill
8/13/18 Hatch Makes the Case for Kavanaugh’s Confirmation in Utah Speech
8/13/18 Hatch Statement on Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearings Announcement
8/13/18 Hatch Talks Free Trade at World Trade Center Utah Event
8/3/18 Hatch: We Won’t Allow a Nominee as Good as Kavanaugh to be “Borked”
8/2/18 Hatch, Bipartisan Senators Introduce Professional Development Bill to Help Teachers, Principals, and Other School Leaders
8/1/18 Senate Passes Hatch’s Suicide Hotline Bill Unanimously
8/1/18 Hatch Examines Kavanaugh’s Record on Separation of Powers, Administrative Law
8/1/18 Hatch Secures Wins for Utah in Bipartisan Spending Bills
8/1/18 Hatch, Cotton Introduce The Restoring the Armed Career Criminal Act
7/31/18 Perkins Career and Technical Education Bill with Hatch Priorities Signed into Law
7/31/18 Hatch Presses for Answers on Family Separations after Successfully Ending Policy
7/27/18 Hatch Criticizes Democrat Efforts to Avoid Substance in Kavanaugh Confirmation
7/26/18 Hatch Urges Conservative High Schoolers to Focus on Substance, Not Simply “Owning the Libs”
7/26/18 Hatch, Bipartisan Senators Introduce Innovation Grants Higher Education Bill
7/24/18 Hatch Celebrates Pioneer Day Legacy and Heritage
7/24/18 Hatch Priorities Included in Perkins Higher Education Bill
7/24/18 Senate Passes Hatch’s Bipartisan Resolution Honoring Pioneer Day
7/24/18 Hatch Sets the Record Straight on Kavanaugh and the Mueller Investigation, Nixon, and Document Requests