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Washington, D.C.—In a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing this morning, Senator Hatch again addressed the Washington Post’s Sunday report on Opioids.

Hatch noted that while the Post accused Hatch and co-sponsors of “sneaking through a bill that no one knew anything about,” members of the Judiciary Committee had voted to support the bill twice, it received thorough consideration in both houses of Congress and from the President, and as he said on the Senate floor Monday, the DEA and DOJ did not object to the bill’s passage because it addressed a critical flaw in the system, with a solution that everyone agreed to.

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Senator Hatch’s Full Remarks:

Before getting to my questions, I just want to set the record straight on something.
Over the weekend the Washington Post ran an article accusing Congress of passing a bill last year that the Post claims gutted DEA’s enforcement authority.
The article insinuates that I, Senator Whitehouse, and the other bill sponsors put one over on Congress by sneaking through a bill that no one knew anything about.
Mr. Chairman, General Sessions, Ranking Member Feinstein, these allegations are complete baloney.
This committee reported the bill out by voice vote.
The full Senate agreed to the bill by unanimous consent.
Every member of this committee supported the bill twice—first in committee and then on the floor.
So I don’t want to hear anyone claim they didn’t know anything about this bill.
The bill was seven pages long. It took all of five minutes to read.
If the Senate Minority Leader wants to take to the floor and decry this bill as unconscionable and as grounds for withdrawing the President’s chosen nominee, he should remember that he himself supported the bill. Twice.
Once in committee, when he was a member of this committee, and again on the floor.
We all supported this legislation. Every one of us. We all voted for it. Twice.
I’ve asked the Post to allow me to publish a response to their 10,000-word hit piece maligning me and my colleagues.
I hope they’ll do so.
I believe I deserve an opportunity to respond.